Growing up I wanted to be a ballet dancer. And an artist. And an actress, singer, fashion designer, and animal doctor. Today I get to be all of them. Or to write about all of them anyway, which is the next best thing.

How did that happen? Maybe it started when I was a kid who got jealous of my siblings because they were both writing books. So I decided to write my own. Or maybe it was when my grandparents took me to a book reading where a picture book author spoke about what it was like to have a book published. Who knows? What I can say is at some point I decided it would be hugely exciting to be a writer. And you know what? I was right!

When I’m not living wild adventures with my characters I’m spending time with my friends and family. That includes my husband, two little girls, and a Yorkshire terrier named Sampson. I’ve also got a mom and dad. And a cousin who is a pirate captain but that’s another story…